Science & Society event series with Pioneer Works (series curator and host), 2018

Ocean Challenge of Bezos Family Foundation’s Students Rebuild (grants manager), 2018

Lonely Whale's Tick Tock campaign (researcher, writer, advisor), 2018

Analysis of waste in the seafood supply chain for WWF (project lead), 2018

World Ocean Week at The Explorer's Club (curator, moderator), 2018

March for Science (leadership team, co-director of partnerships), 2017

TEDEd animation Will the ocean ever run out of fish? (writer, producer), 2017

World Ocean Festival (science advisor, curator, moderator), 2017

Foundation Center’s (rollout strategist), 2017

XPRIZE Big Ocean Button Challenge (competition designer), 2017

Waitt Institute’s Blue Halo Initiative (executive director, initiative co-founder), 2013-2016

National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan (NOAA executive secretary, drafter), 2011

Fish traps with escape gaps to reduce fishing bycatch (inventor, researcher), 2008

Fish, Fishing, Diving, and the Management of Coral Reefs (Ph.D. dissertation), 2005-2011


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